10 Best British Coastal Pubs

If you’re an afficionado of high-quality fish (an a-fish-iando, if you will), then you’ll know how important it is to get it as fresh as possible. While some pubs and restaurants may choose to make do with frozen fish shipped from hundreds of miles away, those of us in the know understand that there’s no comparison to fish caught, cooked, and served to your table on the same day.


Here at Faber, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our ingredients, but we’re not the only ones. Here are ten fantastic coastal pubs located all around the country that definitely deserve a visit if you’re in the area.


Set against the charming Whitstable coastline, The Sportsman offers a 5-course tasting menu that is lovingly created from day-to-day to take advantage of the very best seasonal fare, all of which is locally sourced.


This award-winning restaurant overlooks the tidal marsh at Brancaster Bay in Norfolk, giving diners a stunning view as far as Scolt Head Island. Their chefs serve the best local fish and shellfish.


The Butt & Oyster is one of the most popular waterfront pubs on the East Coast, with incredible views of the River Orwell. This former pin mill offers the best of the local daily catch, cooked to perfection.

Isel of Skye

No visit to the isle of Skye is complete without stopping off at The Three Chimneys. Their team of culinary experts ensures that only the finest local produce makes it to your table, whether your favourite is fish, meat, or game.


The Griffin Inn has been serving the local community for more than 300 years and is a warm and friendly ‘cwtch’ (or safe place) where locals and visitors alike can enjoy fresh seafood and other delicacies in comfort.


Overlooking Elie Bay, the Ship Inn is a popular local haunt for many visitors to the Kingdom of Fife. Their kitchen and management team are dedicated to their community, only using ingredients that can be locally sourced.


Situated between Fishguard and St David’s on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, The Sloop Inn is a renovated 18th-century building serving fine Welsh cuisine, including locally caught lobster, crab, and mackerel.

Crookhaven, Cork

Open since 1933, O’Sullivan’s in Crookhaven prides itself on being Ireland’s southernmost pint. Of course, they also serve an abundance of delicious home-cooked food, served against the stunning backdrop of the ocean.

Dumfries and Galloway

Famous for its Sunday lunches and its succulent seafood, the Cock Inn in Glenluce is situated overlooking Auchenmalg Bay, where diners can see the fishing boats coming home with their latest catch.


If there’s one thing the Pennan Inn offers that is more enchanting than its mouth-watering fish dishes made from local produce, it’s the Northern Lights. Few other coastal pubs can promise a sight of the aurora borealis along with their desserts!

The Best Fish in Hammersmith

Of course, you don’t have to visit one of these far-flung coastal pubs to enjoy the very best of the sea’s bounty. Hammersmith residents looking for high-quality fish, caught and cooked daily, can get the same experience at Faber. Book a table today using the form below, or give us a call on 0208 161 9800 if you have any special requirements.

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