BBQ scallop with celeriac and pastis sauce, apple and kohlrabi slaw

Serves: 4

Cooks in: 60 minutes

Difficulty: medium


4 x scallops cleaned

1 head of celeriac 

100g pastis

130g unsalted butter 

800g double cream 

1 head kohlrabi 

2 granny smith apples

5g extra virgin olive oil

5g dijon mustard

5g apple cider vinegar

5g picked chervil



Get your fishmonger to clean your scallops and keep the roe on. Get these out the fridge 20 minutes before you plan on cooking them so they’re not shocked when they hit the grill. 


If using a charcoal grill get this lit nice and early so the coals can burn down to white hot. We like to use sustainable British oak charcoal.


For the celeriac and pastis sauce first peel and dice your celeriac into 1cm cubes. In a medium size pot get your 100g of the butter slowly melting then add the celeriac. Pop the lid on and let this slowly soften for 20 minutes making sure it doesn’t brown too much. Once soft; use a small knife or skewer to check this, add the cream, gently bring to a simmer and reduce for 15 minutes. Add all this to a high speed blender and blitz for 5 minutes till smooth and glossy. Add the pastis and season to taste. 


Now to make the kohlrabi and green apple slaw. Peel the kohlrabi but leave the apple with the skin on then chop both into fine matchsticks and dress with the extra virgin olive oil, mustard and cider vinegar.


When all of this is ready it’s time to get the scallops cooking. In a small pot brown the remaining butter till it gives off a hazelnut aroma. Pour the brown butter in a tray and place on a cooler area of the grill. Season the scallops with salt and brush with a little of the warmed oil. Place on the grill and leave them to form a beautiful charred crust on one side. Once you’ve achieved this place in the brown butter to finish cooking. They’ll be done when a skewer comes out warm to the touch.


On serving plates spoon on the celeriac sauce, followed by the scallops (we like to slice ours in half) and finish with the slaw. Lastly add the picked chervil and serve. 


Serve with a glass of Wiston Blanc de Blanc. 

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