Matt's Story

Crabbing, it all started with crabbing. 

Years of dedication, training & heartbreak to win the annual competition on Herne Bay pier. 
Every minute I had, I would be down the beach hut, lifting rocks and throwing a line, just hoping to find something delicious. 

I suppose I have been doing pretty much the same ever since. 

The Faber bug kicked in with a road trip. No real plan, just one goal, eat and drink everything. From whisky to whelks, scallops to stout I loved it all! (except jellied eels..I can confirm, they are terrible) 
During that trip I was blown away by the amount of amazing products our coasts have to offer. I discovered a new favourite oyster, the Atlantic Edge and have become a bit of a British wine nerd. I cannot wait to show off some of those discoveries.

Oysters will always be my favourite. 

Nothing else comes close. 
I still remember my first one, a Jersey rock no.4, it blew me away and I have been hooked ever since. I love how they change with the seasons and give a real taste of the area they are grown in.
If you do have your first oyster with us, it will go one way or the other, but persevere, it’ll be worth it.

One day I will return and win that crab competition, but until then, I’ll be in Hammersmith showing off the best our coasts have to offer.

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