Worker Lunches in Hammersmith

If you work in Hammersmith and want a delicious lunch prepared and cooked fresh, why not treat yourself to one of our lunchtime specials? Here at Faber, we’re famous for the quality of our food and drink, making us the perfect lunch spot whether you want a quick bite to eat or are looking to celebrate a special occasion with your teammates.

This is what we have to offer:

Worker Lunches in Hammersmith

Dishes tailored to you

Unlike some restaurants, we don’t batch-cook our meals. Every dish is prepared to order, meaning we can leave out certain ingredients. Whether you have allergies, dietary restrictions, or just don’t like the taste of certain foods, we can make sure your meal suits you to perfection. If you want to guarantee certain ingredients won’t be included in your meal, let us know in advance.

Worker Lunches in Hammersmith

Great food and great prices

Our menu changes daily, depending on the season and what our local fishermen have to offer that day. All our ingredients are sourced locally to ensure the highest quality of dishes every time you visit. We specialise in freshly caught fish but also offer a wide variety of menu options for those who prefer meat, vegetarian, or vegan dishes.

Drinks and Oysters

If you want a light lunch with a couple of drinks, take advantage of our cocktail menu. Packed with all your favourites, cocktails are available at 2 for £14. Why not pair them with a few fresh oysters at £2 apiece to enjoy the perfect workday lunch for people in a hurry?

Choose your pace

Speaking of being in a hurry, we know you’ve only got a limited time for your work lunch, which is why we offer an express service to ensure you don’t miss out on our incredible meals and still get plenty of time to walk back to work.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a more leisurely weekday lunch—perhaps for a teammate’s birthday or to celebrate a successful project at work—we can serve you at a more relaxed pace, allowing you to enjoy your meal in comfort. Simply let us know how you want things to go.

Book with Faber today

Make the most of a worker’s lunch by booking a table at Faber today. Use the booking form below, or give us a call on 0208 161 9800 if you have any special requirements.

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