A reminder from Antiquity

Faber (Zeus) being the Latin for the well-known John Dory fish has a rather distinct mark on its side. This mark is referred to in the bible, it is said to be the thumbprint of Peter the Apostle who, scriptures has it, was told by Jesus to row out into the sea of Galilee and cast his nets. After dropping a coin Peter reached in to pull a fish out that had swallowed it, to this day Peter the Apostles thumbprint remains on the John dory.

Sadly, the very name should act as a reminder to us all! The fish that is now found in abundance in UK waters was sadly over fished and stocks were obliterated in the sea of Galilee, the past may not have been aware of sustainability as we are today, but it remains a topic we should not forego lightly.

To this day Peter the apostle remains the patron saint of fisherman. An occupation to this day that carries many dangers and responsibilities.

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