Anthony's Story

I hated fish as a kid, I was told I was fussy, I just about managed frozen scampi or fish fingers growing up. Then way back in 2002 whilst studying I found myself in Piran, Slovenia for a week. The only food was seafood, netted straight from the sea and onto our plate. I was a convert, I found out I didn’t dislike seafood, I just detested bad seafood.

Everyone has these moments away on holiday. Where they come back from a summer trip regaling how they had the best fish ever, the guy on the beach went out caught it and cooked it on a BBQ that evening. ‘Best fish ever’ always seems to be bounded about. Well, it’s here, it’s not just here, the very best of what our planets seas has to offer is right here on our own coastline. British waters have some of the best fish and shellfish in the world. We don’t need to go running off to warmer climates just for a good fish dish. As my family are finding out with the lines blurring between family getaways and ‘market research’. 

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with incredible people who understand this incredible asset we have around our shores and Faber is our chance to showcase the very best that’s on offer. Not just plucked from the sea (ethically) but also grown and produced in communities around British shore lines from Scottish islands, down the craggy hidden bays of Cornwall, and sweeping along the chalky downs of Kent and Sussex, we have the lot!

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