Butternut squash gnocchi & samphire pesto

Butternut squash gnocchi prepared and on white plate with green pesto and dried sage leaf garnish and rich orange pumpkin colours


Cooks in: 60 minutes

Difficulty: HARD


200g squeezed squash

50g sparkenhoe red cheese

80g 0.0 flour

25g egg yolk 

400g samphire

100g Corra Linn cheese

30 ml olive oil

Half a bunch of sage

Maldon sea salt 

1 Delica pumpkin

Vegetable oil

Sea salt



Squash Gnocchi

Cut 2 butternut squash in half and remove the seeds. Season them with salt and wrap them in aluminium foil. Roast until cooked which will take around 45 min. Pulp the squash without the skin through a mooli and hang the pulp in a muslin cloth over night.


The following day you squeeze out all the remaining juices. Grate the cheese and gently fold all the ingredients together, add a small sprinkle of salt. Dust the working surface with flour and roll the gnocchi into long tubes. With a knife cut them in the preferred shape. Bring a pot with water

to a boil and cook the gnocchi until they start floating.( keep the water around 90C°) Take the gnocchi out of the water with a spider and cool them down in an ice bath. Strain off the water and store in containers in between jay cloths.

Samphire Pesto

Pick the ends of the samphire, then blanch them quickly. Squeeze out the excess water and place all ingredients into a blender. Blitz up until smooth. Don’t add any salt, because rock samphire is salty already.


Crispy Sage

Pick the sage leaves and fry them at 160C° place them on a tray lined with jay cloth and season them with Maldon sea salt.


Delica Pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin into wedges and pan fry them until a nice brown color is achieved. Place them on a baking tray and further cook in the oven at 175C°. Once cooked let the pumpkin cool down and dice it up.


On The Plate

We start with frying the 10 gnocchi in vegetable oil. When the gnocchi start browning add in 5 cubes of Delica pumpkin, a knob of butter and some of the pumpkin juice. Add one spoon of the samphire pesto and mix gently.

Carefully place everything on the plate and finish the dish with 6 leaves of deep fried sage and a couple of slices of Sparkenhoe red.


A bit about the ingredients: Corra Linn Cheese

From Neal’s yardCorra Linn is made on a farm in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, at the foot of the Pentland Hills. Selina Cairns took over cheesemaking duties from her father Humphrey Errington, who had sought to reinvigorate the upper Clyde area’s rich tradition of sheep’s milk cheeses after moving to the farm in the 1980s. Today she continues to make the cheese together with her sister-in-law Angela. Having previously specialised in blue cheeses, the family began the development of this hard sheep’s cheese in 2008 in an attempt to make full use of the glut of milk produced by their flock of Lacaune ewes every spring and early summer. The cheese is pressed overnight before being rubbed with locally produced rapeseed oil and wrapped in muslin. This seasonal cheese is then matured for between four months and two years.


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