Faber x Unbarred: Shuck It, oyster stout

Black can with pearlescent Oyster illustration on and black background. Made for Oyster Stout Launch with unbarred brewery.

We are brewing our very own Oyster Stout with our Friends at Unbarred brewery in the Brighton North Laines. 

Watch this space for more updates and events. 

Available to sup at Faber from the 5th June on draught and in can. We’ve been working hard with Jordan the head brewer at Unbarred to create a traditional Victorian recipe oyster stout using natural ingredients. here’s some dates for your diary if you are keen to come and sample our creation. Shuck it, will also be available to buy from Unbarred’s online shop form the 28th May! 



Thursday 30th May: Tap Room Launch @ Unbarred

It’s made in Brighton, so there is no other place to launch it, the very room our stout was created in! Join us and our collaborators for a night of sampling, oysters and music! Meet the brewer and get your oysters shucked from our very own chef Ollie! Limited FREE tickets available so get your’s now! 


Our very first brew, created with a traditional recipe to compliment our wonderful seafood needs to be celebrated. Join us for our afternoon of stour and oysters. We’ll be shucking oysters and enjoying drinks from 3pm. If you’ve never tried an oyster now is the chance, all afternoon we will be giving away a free oyster with each bar poured! Tickets are free but limited!


We’ve only got a limited stock of our stout but we wanted to be able to pour some in proper London boozers and why not make that our sister sites with the very best oysters and a real pub atmosphere amongst friends and regulars. We’ll be shucking oysters out in the sun and the beer will be pouring from the bar from 5pm. 


Our second pub pouring the stout and it had to be an east end boozer that’s big on fish. Nothing is more traditional in the east of London than a traditional stout supped through the ages and enjoyed alongside what was once the staple food of the masses, shellfish! Join us for the evening in our beer garden for sunshine beers and freshly shucked oysters all from 5pm. 

Brewing, plucking and growing
Our brewing journey

Follow our collaboration and brewing story here…

It’s the first beer we’ve ever brewed or put the Faber name to, so we didn’t want to do it in half measures (excuse then). We wanted to bring together some of our very best partner producers to make a stout that was both traditional but also end to end made with natural seasonal ingredients.


Unlike most Oyster stouts we wanted to go back to traditional methods and use fresh full oysters (not just the shells) to make sure we get a full flavour once brewed in coastal towns around our shores.


So our journey to brewing started at Maldon Oyster Farm, a drive down a very long, very muddy track, where the only way our city dwelling hybrid car could make it was the infilled potholes using oyster shells a ballast! A day spent seeing the whole process of oyster farming from growing on the estuary to filtration and packaging for delivery to the brewery. Over 400 Oysters were Brighton bound by the end of a working day!

Jordan the head brewer at Unbarred is a fanatical oracle when it comes to the world of making beer. When we said all natural ingredients and coastal we all meant it! Now, one thing that goes into the production of beer is finings in the filtering process, this can be by synthetic means these days, but once upon a time, Irish Moss, a form of sea algae found on rocky coastlines was used. Generally considered to expensive to use these days it’s rare. BUT not when you know a man by the name of Johannes at Câr y Môr, who took a short stroll down to the cliffs and plucked for us the perfect fresh Irish  Moss. 


As well as Irish Moss we were also lucky enough to have Sugar Kelp and Pepper Dulce that was harvested by the team at Câr y Môr and stuffed into silk bags and added to the brew to bring mineral, coastal flavours. 

A day trip to Brighton and time to start brewing. It’s an early start at Unbarred in the North Lines with Jordan and his team. The morning starts with a run through of the ingredients for the day, English hops and heritage malt and yeast added to the already abundant pile of British ingredients. 

To brew an oyster stout the oysters and seaweed are stuffed into silk bags and dropped into the boil. They are then left in the tank to cook off and then extracted after 20 minutes. The bi-product. Cooked oysters, the perfect lunch tummy filler with Unbarred hot sauce whilst enjoying a quick game of classic Sussex toads.  


Our beer is now carefully cared for by the Unbarred teams whilst it sits in the fermentation tanks ready in just over a month for begging and canning! 


Here’s what Jordan said about the brew we have coming:

"A tradition Oyster Stout brewed with English hops, heritage Malts, yeast &  Rock Oysters from Maldon, Essex & seaweed from Câr y Môr, Wales.  This deep dark beer has a light roasted backbone, a silky mouthfeel and a very subtle salt finish.  A beer to celebrate the coast, food and friendship made with London based Seafood restaurant Faber."

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