MAY // Ceitean (Gaelic) // Mai (Welsh) // ME (Cornish)


1st May

Sunrise: 05:32

Average sea temperature: 9.8°c


The arrival of May marks the welcome transition from spring to summer. With the promise of longer days, brighter skies, and warmer weather, we embrace the beauty of the final burst of spring and look forward to the abundance of fresh, locally-grown produce and the wealth of seafood this season offers.


Onshore, the fields are bursting with fresh asparagus, the sweetness of early peas, and succulent ripe strawberries. The warmer seas offer a treasure trove of shellfish, such as delicate scallops, and fresh fish, like rich, oily mackerel and buttery monkfish.


Faber’s menu showcases our dedication to the freshness and sustainability of this season’s finest ingredients. Our chefs are passionate about creating dishes that not only taste incredible but also support our local community and the environment.


We work tirelessly to source only the freshest seafood from local fishermen and suppliers who share our commitment to responsible fishing practices.


Sea Bream – Brixham, Penzance
Monkfish – Peterhead

Sole – Dover, Hastings, Brixham

Coley – Brixham, Penzance

Cod – Peterhead

Pollock – Port Isaac

Mackerel – Looe, Brixham

Haddock – Peterhead, Brixham

Turbot – Dover, Brixham

Gurnard – Brixham

Plaice – Peterhead, Brixham, Dorset

Brill – Peterhead, Brixham

Anchovies – Cornwall

Halibut – Peterhead, Brixham, Dorset

Flounder – Peterhead, Cornwall

Herring – Peterhead, Cornwall

Rainbow Trout – Dorset

Hake – Cornwall


Langoustines – Oban

Rock Oysters – All locations

Mussels – St Austell

King Scallop – Orkney

Cockles – Morecambe Bay

Crabs – Cornwall

Scallops – Isle of Man

Lobster – Northumberland

Velvet Crab – Devon

Prawns – Firth of Clyde



Baby Broad Beans

Baby Carrots



Globe Artichokes

Jersey Royal Potatoes

Lettuce and other Salad




Spring greens

Spring Cabbage

Spring Onions

Baby Turnips


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