APRIL // Giblean (Gaelic) // EBrill (Welsh) // Ebryll (Cornish)


1st April

Sunrise: 06:36

Average sea temperature: 8.1°c


As March comes to an end, the arrival of April marks the true onset of spring, bringing with it a colourful array of fruits and vegetables. 

With the days becoming longer and the weather turning warmer, we welcome the arrival of a new season. With it comes a bounty of fresh seafood and locally grown produce that graces our tables with their vibrant colours and mouth-watering flavours. 


At this time of the year, the soil is now coming to life with the first Jersey Royal new potatoes, along with verdant watercress and spinach. The sea blesses us with rich, decadent oysters, crab and lobster, along with fish like sea bass, plaice and cod straight from clearer, calmer waters. 


Here at Faber, we are dedicated to the sustainability and ethical sourcing of our seafood, collaborating with suppliers who are committed to these principles.

In this new season, we are focusing on what’s fresh and flourishing, aligning our menu with what the spring tide brings. Join us to savour the best of this vibrant season here at Faber.



Cornish Mackerel


Sea Bream – Brixham, Penzance

Monkfish – Peterhead

Sole – Dover, Hastings, Brixham

Coley – Brixham, Penzance

Cod – Peterhead

Pollock – Port Isaac

Mackerel – Looe, Brixham

Haddock – Peterhead, Brixham

Turbot – Dover, Brixham

Gurnard – Brixham

Plaice – Peterhead, Brixham, Dorset

Brill – Peterhead, Brixham

Anchovies – Cornwall

Halibut – Peterhead, Brixham, Dorset



Langoustines – Oban

Oysters – Maldon

Mussels – Cornwall

King Scallop – Orkney

Cockles – Morecambe Bay

Crabs – Cornwall

Scallops – Isle of Man

Lobster – Northumberland

Velvet Crab – Devon

Prawns – Firth of Clyde

Clams – Dorset

Langoustines all together lined up and stacked after being cooked off, bright pink and reds in colour.
Fresh asparagus tips, light purple buds and rich green stem.


Asparagus (early spears)



Jersey Royal potatoes


Leaf beet (perpetual spinach)


Lettuce and other salad leaves


Purple sprouting broccoli




Spring greens and spring cabbage

Spring onions

Turnip tops


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