March // Mart (Gaelic) // Mawrth (Welsh) // Meurth (Cornish)


1st March

Sunrise: 06:52

Average sea temperature: 6.8°c


With March, spring is here and breathing new life into the landscapes around us. As the days lengthen and the air warms, the forward march of time brings subtle shifts across land and sea. At Faber, we celebrate the arrival of spring by embracing the season’s changes and incorporating the freshest seafood and grown offerings on our menu.

In our fields, the patience of gardeners and farmers begins to bear fruit. Grown offerings hint at the verdancy to come, as the soil awakens with robust vegetables and the first tender greens. Brave shoots of forced rhubarb and verdant chard push through thawing soils.

Although the land begins to heat, in March the sea is at its coldest. Clear days can be deceptive, with seasoned fishers wary of the still-treacherous high winds at sea. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of delicious treasures to be found in the sea, such as oysters, langoustines, and mussels, along with fish like sea bream, sole, cod, halibut, and haddock.

At Faber, we remain committed to sustainability and the responsible sourcing of our seafood. We work with suppliers who share our values and are dedicated to sustainable fishing practices. In recent years, some species like whiting have been overfished during their in-season period, and we must do our part to allow these species to repopulate and thrive. 


We celebrate the arrival of spring through the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Our culinary team eagerly incorporates the first flush of spring produce and seafood, creating dishes that are not only delightful to the palate but also a feast for the eyes.

Three filleted and prepped Mackerel on grilling tray


Sea Bream – Brixham, Penzance

Monkfish – Peterhead

Sole – Dover, Hastings, Brixham

Coley – Brixham, Penzance

Cod – Peterhead

Pollock – Port Isaac

Mackerel – Looe, Brixham

Haddock – Peterhead, Brixham

Turbot – Dover, Brixham

Gurnard – Brixham

Plaice – Peterhead, Brixham, Dorset

Scallop – Orkney

Brill – Peterhead, Brixham

Halibut – Peterhead, Brixham, Dorset


Langoustines – Oban

Oysters – All locations

Mussels – St Austell

King Scallop – Orkney

Cockles – Morecambe Bay

Crabs – Cornwall

Scallops – Isle of Man

Lobster – Northumberland

Velvet Crab – Devon

Prawns – Firth of Clyde


Forced Rhubarb




Jerusalem Artichokes



Pak Choi


Purple Sprouting Broccoli


Spring Greens

Spring Onions

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