Monkfish tail, cockles and chard

Monkfish tail roasted and served with cockles & chard, side portion of chunky chips


Cooks in: 40 minutes

Difficulty: MEDIUM


1kg monkfish tail skinned
400g cockles
1 bunch rainbow chard
150g cafe de Paris butter
1 clove garlic
100ml white wine
50g butter


From your fishmonger ask for a 800g – 1kg monkfish tail, dark skin removed. An hour before cooking, just like you would a piece of meat, take it out the fridge and season to let it come to room temperature and let the salt penetrate a little way in. We’re going to be using the grill again for this recipe so make sure to

get it lit nice and early to let the coals do their thing and gain a consistent and even heat.

Now to cooking. Lightly oil the monkfish tail and lay it on the grill. Keep turning it till the meat starts to come away from the bone. With a piece of fish this size rest it just as you would with a steak. At the restaurant we dress it in plenty of cafe de Paris, a butter richly flavoured with spice, anchovy and mustard, and keep basting it till ready to serve.

For the garnish in a large preheated pot add your cockles and washed rainbow chard along with sliced garlic, white wine and butter. Once the cockles are open and have given off their wonderful juice into the buttery garlic mix the chard will be cooked through.

To serve, on a warm plate, lay the monkfish tail down, followed by the chard and cockle mix, then dress with lashings of the cafe de Paris butter. This dish is perfect with a big bowl of triple cooked chips to swipe up all the juices.

Serve with Wiston Brut NV – it deserves the British bubbles

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