Paul's Story

That really is me, the bloke on the right. On the left, that’s my uncle, one of my early jobs in life was working in his chippy. Whilst watching arsenal on the telly!!! Like all the team I started with fish and hospitality in the most humble of ways and what I see building around me in Faber fills me with pride.  

Growing up in a Cypriot family food was always varied and we ate what was available or more accurately what mum put on the table. We were lucky that fish played a part in that so I’ve grown up eating fish from young age.

In adult life I am a regular visit to Cornwall and the coast and just can’t wait to get down there, find a little pub or restaurant and tuck into the local catch, it always tastes so much better when you can see where the fish came from.

My holiday stories always revolve around food and drink and most of the pictures we end up with are of fantastic fish dishes done simply but brilliantly by the restaurants we visit. That’s what I love about the team at faber, they get the best fish they can find and cook it simply and perfectly, every single time…

When the faber team tell me the story about the brand and how much they care about the fish they source, the wine list they carefully curated from the English vineyards and from the best parts or Europe (many coastal) and how much thought they put in to finding the best british coastal beers and spirits, it makes me want to eat there every time.

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