White soy marinated trout tartare with trout roe, horseradish and chive dressing

Serves: 2/4

Cooks in: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


200g Chalk Stream trout fillet skinned 

10g white soy

10g cold pressed rapeseed oil 

10g rice wine vinegar 

⅓ bunch chives 

5g grated horseradish root

10g trout roe

5g extra virgin olive oil 


From your fishmonger get 200g of trout fillet – we use Chalk Stream trout, sustainably farmed in Hampshire, which we age in house to intensify the flavour.


Dice the trout in half a centimetre cubes and set aside while you make the dressing. Mix together the white soy, rapeseed oil and rice vinegar; add the diced trout to this, leaving to marinate for 10 minutes. This will help firm up the texture a little of the fish and give it a wonderful texture. 


While this marinates, finely slice the chives. In a small bowl add the chives, horseradish, trout roe and olive oil. Season lightly with sea salt.


Drain the trout tartare through a sieve and portion onto two plates. Spoon over the trout roe dressing and serve with some sourdough crostini.


Serve with a chilled Albion Helles 

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