Our coastal Bloody Mary

Serves: 4

Make in: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Our bloody mary with Samphire garnish, sea spice rim in a tulip glass with Maldon oysters on the side.


200ml Black Cow vodka

400ml Tomato Juice (we use Eager) 

160ml Our Bloody Mary spices (see below) 

Sea spices & samphire 


Fill a large glass jug with the tomato juice and the Black Cow.

Add our recipes Bloody Mary mix gradually, stirring and tasting to get it to your liking .

Rim four glasses with the sea spice mix, half fill with ice then gently pour the Bloody Mary over the ice.

Garnish with fresh Samphire. 

To make the sea spice: 2 parts dried Kelp, 1 part sea salt (we recommend Câr y Môr for all seaweed ingredients) 

To make the spice mix: Celery stalk, lemon juice, Worcester sauce, dried pepper dulse, sea salt, fresh basil & parsley, 1-3 red chilli, handful of samphire. Blend together, leave for one hour and fine strain into a small bottle/container to dispense.  

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We use Black Cow Vodka for our Bloody Marys, in keeping with our ethos and commitment to source from local coastal communities.  The distillery is based in Dorset and the vodka is created from the fermented milk from grass fed cows. The vodka is actually made from the by-product of milk fermentation, whey. They also make an awesome. cheese, that’s a must try

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